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Welcome to our free Learn Swift course!

Together with Cosmin Pupăză, I am developing this free Swift course that anyone can follow.

Since you are here, you are probably learning Swift to make iOS apps (or maybe apps for macOS). This course is for you.

You don’t need to have any programming knowledge. But you can enjoy this course even if you are not a complete beginner. The course starts from zero and will teach you both the Swift language and how programming works.

All you need is a Mac computer to install the necessary software (you’ll find the details in the first lesson). If you don’t have a Mac, here you can read how to get one for cheap.

There are many free Swift courses online, so how is this one different?

This course contains only what you need

Swift is a vast language with several advanced features, many of which make sense only in app development.

As such, they do not belong in a Swift course and require artificial and convoluted examples.

You might grasp how these features work superficially, but without software development experience, you won’t understand why they exist and how to use them in practice.

When learning any topic, it’s not only important what you include but also what you leave out.

Contrast this with the complete language guide you find on the official Swift website. That’s an excellent guide for reference or for experienced programmers that want to switch to Swift from some other language.

But its completeness is also its weakness. It makes no distinction between fundamental features you should learn now and advanced features you will need much later.

Moreover, it’s a language reference guide that showcases what is available. It’s not a beginner’s guide teaching you how to program. 

So, if you tried to learn Swift using that guide and got nothing more than frustration, you now know why.

This course does not only teach you the how but also the why

Programming languages are tools to an end. In the case of Swift, that end is making apps, usually for iOS or macOS.

As such, all its features exist with a purpose in mind. If you want your learning to be effective, you need to understand not only how these features work but why they exist and what problem they solve.

For example, many Swift courses start with simple arithmetic and text manipulation. Our approach begins there too.

But when I started learning programming more than two decades ago, I thought these were boring topics. Mathematics is for school, I thought. Instead, I wanted to make apps and games with buttons you can click and fancy animations.

It turned out that arithmetic and text manipulation are necessary for any program. So it helps to know when you start that what you are doing is not just a sterile exercise but has a purpose.

We are excited to help you learn Swift and make iOS apps.

The course is currently under development, so it’s not yet complete. Be sure to sign up in the colored box below to be notified when we add new lessons and get other free exclusive material available only to my subscribers.

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