MVVM in SwiftUI for a Better Architecture [with Example]

Since the introduction of SwiftUI, the MVVM pattern has experienced a renaissance. Many developers believe this particular pattern aligns well with the SwiftUI data flow.

MVVM  incorporates good ideas but also introduces problems due to varying interpretations of the pattern and its perceived rigidity.

In this article, we’ll explore how MVVM fits into SwiftUI, how to leverage its advantages, and how to navigate its challenges.

How to Become an iOS Developer [2023 Salary and Skills]

Becoming an iOS developer is a great career choice that allows you to demand a high salary and work on interesting projects at top companies.

Learning iOS development can take time, but you can speed up the process and optimize your learning following the steps I outline in this article.

REST API Calls in Swift: iOS Networking Architecture [in SwiftUI]

You can make a REST API call in Swift in just three lines of code thanks to URLSession and async/await.

However, implementing a networking layer in a full-fledged app presents several architectural pitfalls.

In this article we will see how REST works, how to perform API calls in a SwiftUI app, and the best way to architect the networking layer of an iOS app.

Switch Statements in Swift: Selecting Among Multiple Options

Switch statements are a powerful tool for controlling the flow of your program based on the value of a variable or expression. Although they resemble if-else statements with multiple clauses, switch statements offer several advantages.

Learn Swift Programming: The essential step to creating iOS apps

The first step to making iOS apps is learning Swift.

But learning a new programming language can be daunting if you approach it for the first time.

Nonetheless, if you follow the right path, learning Swift can be fun and rewarding. Many developers worldwide use Swift because they like to build well-crafted programs.

In this article, I show you the right path to learning Swift.

I won’t only cover the how, but I will also explain why each piece is essential to build the whole puzzle.

Organizing Data by Key in Swift Dictionaries

In Swift programs, it is often necessary to organize large amounts of data within collections.

Arrays are the most commonly used collection in programming. However, it is not always necessary to order data sequentially.

Frequently, data retrieval requires using a specific key, such as when searching for the definition of a word in a dictionary.