SwiftUI Structural Foundations

The best practices of professional iOS developers to create well-structured SwiftUI apps ready for the App Store

Stop copying other people’s code and feeling like you don’t know anything. Get the definitive roadmap with all the essential concepts that will give you a strong mental model of what makes a complete SwiftUI app
  • Say goodbye to the feeling of doing things wrong. Make the jump from creating basic to-do list apps through copy-pasting, and start structuring your own apps with complex navigation, all while feeling confident that you’re doing it the right way.
  • Move beyond simple tutorials that fail to equip you with concepts you can apply to your SwiftUI code. Stop wasting time with incomplete and insignificant examples.
  • Gain insights into the design patterns used by successful apps in the App Store. Learn from the best practices and avoid common mistakes.
  • Eliminate messy code that feels unnatural and is difficult to debug. Understand where each piece of code should go and master writing reusable and maintainable code.
  • Get step-by-step instructions and efficient learning material that provide you with the necessary expertise. Discover where to begin, how to progress, and the essential knowledge you need to acquire before moving forward.

If you’re searching for a comprehensive course that covers the skills distinguishing good developers from bad ones, SwiftUI Structural Foundations is the course you need.

The course modules encompass the entire roadmap for structuring large SwiftUI projects. You’ll develop the correct mental model and overcome any difficulties in making architectural decisions for your app.

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