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How do you become a highly paid professional iOS developer?

Learn the skills that allow you to work at the best companies, get great clients and transform your ideas into high quality apps in the App Store

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Do you think you could get one single client that pays you $185.000+ per year to work on an iOS app?.

You might doubt it, but that is what recently did. A few years ago, I would have doubted it too.

I recently had an interview with a big client, and I nailed it. And this is not a one time hit. I do it every time.

This is even a project I might not be able to accept because of other commitments. Imagine having enough work that you don’t NEED to say yes every time.

But don’t think you need to work with big clients right from the start to get great results. Actually you can’t. It takes time to be able to work with big companies.

But it does not matter. Last year I worked for a new startup and still grossed $65.000+ in a few months, working just 3 days per week.


And I also got great results when I was still an employee:

  • when I decided to start freelancing, I turned down a job offer from a big tech company, with a salary of $60.000+ plus benefits. And when I turned it down, they came back offering more to convince me.
  • at the start of my career I moved to Amsterdam from Italy thanks to my first job at a social network. And they paid for all my relocation costs.

I am not telling you this to brag, I want to show you that there is a pattern.

You see, when you get one job you might be lucky. But when you are able to consistently get job after job or client after client, there is a reason.

I am not going to lie to you and tell you that I have a secret formula. You need to build solid skills to pass job interviews. Moreover, many companies also look at your personality, to see if you can fit in their teams and culture.

But as an iOS developer, the technical part of an interview is always fundamental. You can be a nice person, but without technical skills, you go nowhere.

And when you are confident about your technical skills, you can be relaxed during an interview, which helps you nail the personality part too.

There is one important thing I learned though: the questions in these interviews are always the same.

That does not mean you can memorize canned answers. What they want to see in an interview is how you would architect an iOS app in all its parts.

They want to know if you are able to write robust, professional code that is going to stand the test of time.

Because honestly, many developers out there write unmaintainable garbage, gluing a few pieces of code together with no understanding of the big picture.

And these companies know how much this can cost them in the future. So they avoid developers with poor understanding.

Hi, my name is Matteo Manferdini. I help iOS developers understand the big picture and what is important to know to build professional iOS apps. After spending 10 years making my own apps and working for small and big companies, I know the best practices available to structure the code of professional iOS apps.


The Ultimate Course to Making Professional iOS Apps

This course will give you a detailed map that will show you which concepts are important to learn. These concepts are at the foundation of every iOS app you will ever build in your career.

You’ve helped me solidify my iOS architecture knowledge and today I’m starting my own app business using what you taught me. – M. Yasar


I love the simplicity of your material. I can go on long and hard on how much it helped me, and I’d figure a lot of people would. Thanks for all of this and keep writing more. The impact you have in people who are just starting out in their careers is amazing – S. S. Rana

You are one of the best written iOS developers I’ve come across! I’ve gone through tutorial after tutorial and courses, but didn’t get the foundation of writing good iOS code. I’ve always felt I just knew how to search on google to make something work, but never understood why or what the proper way was. – K. Jiang

This is what you get in the Ultimate Course to Making Professional iOS Apps

  • Lesson 1: how the MVC pattern guides the structure of professionally developed iOS apps.
    In this lesson you will learn the importance of the design phase, even if you are not a designer and how to plan the structure of your code in advance.
  • Lesson 2: handling data and business logic through model types and model controllers
    In this lesson you will learn the important distinctions between model types and model controllers, which many developers don’t know about.
  • Lesson 3: defining the flow of an iOS app through view controllers, storyboards and segues
    In this lesson you will learn about the central role of view controllers in any iOS app, and how to lay out an entire complex flow of an app even when you did not create any user interface for your app yet.
  • Lesson 4: showing information to the user and enabling interaction through views, outlets and actions
    In this lesson you will learn how to lay out the complete user interface of an app in a simple and quick way and how to manage shared UI code, including the MVVM pattern to format data for your views.
  • Lesson 5: making view controllers communicate and sharing state across the whole app
    In this lesson you will learn to use dependency injection to share state across your app, avoiding wrong techniques like singletons.

Join 7,000+ iOS developers that have found success with my material and get the skills which allow you to work at the best companies, get great clients and transform your ideas into high quality apps in the App Store. Just fill your information below to get started with the free course now.

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