The 9 Fundamental Concepts Every iOS Developer Should Know

How do you know where to start learning iOS development?

Nowadays it is easy to find material on iOS development but it’s not easy to know which one is the most important to learn.

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Apple provides a lot of free guides and there are a lot of blogs dedicated to iOS development but it’s not clear where you should start.

There is simply too much to know when it comes to iOS development and so many topics to research.

Blogs are full of articles and tutorials on the latest trend or technology, but if you are coming to iOS with no experience, you don’t know which ones come first and cannot decide by yourself if something is relevant to your stage of learning.

It just feels you are spending all your time figuring out what is important instead of actually learning.

That is why I put together this straight to the point guide with all the fundamental concepts you need to become an iOS developer. With this guide you will:

  • Know exactly where to start to learn iOS development effectively. Instead of wasting your time browsing countless guides and blog posts trying to figure it out yourself, you will immediately start with the material that will produce the most out of your efforts, even if you have no experience at all and you are just starting with iOS
  • Have a detailed roadmap that will show you which concepts are important to learn and in which order. No more jumping from one topic to another, wondering if what you are reading is worth spending time on. This includes all the free Apple guides I used to learn iOS development myself. You have to know all these concepts if you hope to pass any basic technical interview for a job in iOS development
  • Learn the concepts at the foundation of every iOS app you will ever build in your career. When you will be in the middle of development, you will know exactly which part of iOS serves your needs. Miss one of these concepts and you won’t be able to create the amazing apps you want to make.

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