My best free guides on SwiftUI, MVC and MVVM, and Swift optionals

From Matteo Manferdini, developer and author with more than 10 years experience developing for iOS

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It’s easy to get lost in the firehose of information out there. For this reason, I spent hours putting together these guides on the fundamental topics you need to build iOS apps.

Here is some of what you will learn in these guides —

  • How architectural design patterns give you a blueprint to know where each piece of code goes. If you feel you never know how to structure your apps, this will fix the problem forever.
  • Why you don’t need to squander precious time stuffing your head with complex frameworks like Combine to use SwiftUI. The structure of your apps does not depend on the tools you use.
  • The best practices and the proper design patterns to rigorously architect even the most intricate SwiftUI apps. Many developers mistakenly assume that SwiftUI demands totally new paradigms.
  • Making your app’s structure more robust and with fewer bugs, organizing your code into modular types that make your code reusable and testable.
  • How to properly integrate indispensable technologies like Core Data with SwiftUI. If you have problems adopting these technologies, it is not because SwiftUI does not support them.
  • What problems Swift optionals solve and why exactly you need them in the first place. You will finally understand where ! and ? go, what they mean in each context and use them confidently without having the compiler bothering you all the time

My best guides on SwiftUI, MVC and MVVM, and Swift optionals

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