The iOS Architect – The Complete Course on Advanced iOS Architecture

Gets past the material for beginners, and get the advanced techniques to build a scalable architecture that stands the test of time, with code that is easy to read, test and maintain

You will discover:

  • Advanced architectural design patterns like MVVM+C, VIPER and my Lotus MVC pattern to build highly modular apps with a flexible architecture.
  • How to write clean, well structured and testable code, using Swift’s best practices and practical concepts from protocol-oriented and functional programming. This includes a panoramic of the London and Detroit schools of Test Driven Development, plus my Pareto Unit Testing methodology to write highly effective unit tests.
  • The fundamental programming best practices like the S.O.L.I.D. principles of OOP and the separation between logic and behavior that guide the top-down architectural design of highly testable code. Including all the techniques to test objects using mocks and other test doubles.
  • Structuring complex asynchronous code and scheduling, sequencing and canceling network calls, including complex interactions with remote APIs, authentication, posting data and error handling.
  • And much more…

The iOS Architect opens soon.

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