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  • The 9 Fundamental Concepts every iOS Developer Should Know, my guide that shows you exactly where to start to learn iOS development effectively. You will immediately start with the material that will produce the most out of your efforts, even if you have no experience at all and you are just starting with iOS. This guide gives you a detailed roadmap of the concepts that are important to learn and in which order. This includes all the free Apple guides I used to learn iOS development myself.
  • The Complete Guide to Understanding Swift Optionals, my massive 40-page guide about Swift optionals. This answers all your questions about optionals and also contains some more advanced techniques. This will make you write code without worrying about optionals ever again. You will even make them help you instead of fighting against you. How great is that?
  • My foundational series on understanding the most useful concepts for iOS development. This material covers in depth the most important core concepts of iOS development, showing you how to properly write iOS apps.
  • The full source code covered by Core iOS App Architecture in Practice book. The Xcode project that contains the full code covered in the book, that you can run and inspect to better understand the concepts and see how different code interacts.

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